60 years around the sun

Here’s to the fools that dream
— LaLaLand

In honor of my six decades on this planet I’ve been playing the La La Land soundtrack this morning. Anyone who
knows me would tell you I’m not into musicals–actually cringe when I watch someone singing and dancing through
life’s unshakeable heartaches. But this big birthday kicked off in November in NYC with R and my kids and their
significant others seeing Hamilton. It lived up to the hype.

And now La La Land. I had to watch the clean up crew vacuum up popcorn for twenty minutes because I was crying so
hard I was embarrassed to leave the theatre.

I guess this means there’s a possibility I might be tap dancing and singing my way around the sun for the next ____

So this one’s for my messy, foolish, crazy dreamers out there. My life doesn’t suck because you’re all in it with me. I
love you.